Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | February 13, 2009

World Politics

I found this image inspiring and repentance inducing: Jesus Washing Feet.

I wonder how the politics of the world would change if more people had in mind this image of God – not as a distant Judge passing sentence on us all for our crimes but as the Son of the Father kneeling at our feet to care for us even when we will not care for each other. I think this image of Jesus would bring a neo-reformation in more than just Christianity.



  1. Wow, Jonathan! What a picture. Jesus’ act of foot washing subverts all human ideas about power and greatness. In the reality of the Kingdom, the first shall be last and one who would be great must become the servant of all. I notice that the “all” in the picture is quite encompassing. I also wonder if there is an indication of the final judgement here. Just a thought.

    One other thing just hit me. Given the Nicene assertion that the incarnate Son is “of one substance with the Father” (homoousios to Patri), then the servant heart of Jesus revealed in the footwashing is the very servant heart of the Triune Godhead. God IS ike this! God’s very being is being-for-others. How could that be better portrayed than in the ritual of foot washing wherein the one in whom all things exist and have their being stoops to wash the feet of those he sustains. Fantastic.

    I feel a blog post of my own coming on. Thanks Brother!

  2. Thanks, Martin, can’t wait to read your post on this! Excellent point about the final judgment, I had not thought of that – and the reality of God’s being as being-for-others is really helpful too, how could it not be since God has always existed as three being for each other! That’s why Jesus revelation of the Trinity is such good news for us.

  3. Hi Jonathan

    If Jesus does not foot wash all humanity then there is no hope for any of us! The cultural norm should never cement and override the church, body life thinking. It is the life of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (their thought, purpose and action) their very heart that should shatter and annihilate the thinking of the day. God’s very being, nature and essence is love and in this He loves us more than He loves Himself. He washes the feet of sinners, including all of us His enemies, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
    Where are the foot washers in His body, starting with myself, who have grace walked away from controlled culture thinking into the mind of Jesus Christ? It is a reformation of high order isn’t it? It is not nailed on a church door, but the door of this world! For God so loved this world that He gave His only begotten Son. Believe!!! This is what He has done! This is eternal life that they may know the Fathers heart, washing our feet. jg

  4. Amen, John! For grace to be grace it must include everyone. When I first realized this it hit me like a ton of bricks. The problem in the world isn’t that we’re excluded, the problem is that we’re included and don’t believe it.

  5. Isn’t it the case that Jesus is BOTH the foot washing servant AND the Judge of all? At least that’s what my Bible says. The Jesus of the Bible isn’t a one dimensional TV character.

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