Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Before the world existed, before the stars, planets, and matter itself – before even time and space had been created – God the Son made a decision.

He decided to become a man. He decided to exist as himself, the Son of God, and as a human being forever. He made this decision in his freedom. No one compelled him. Nothing demanded it. Simply out of his gracious, loving freedom he decided to limit himself and change his manner of existence so that he might live as fully God and fully Man forever.


Because God the Father had a plan to adopt new people into his life, to bring many sons and daughters into the glory of his life with his Son and the Holy Spirit. There was no way these new people could be participants in the life of God unless God shared his life with them.

They could never be God – there is only one God – and they would always be merely creatures unless some way was found to bring them into the Divine Circle of Love which is the life of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

So, the Son freely chose to become what we are in order to accomplish the Father’s plan. He chose to become human in order to make us into children of the Father. He shares in our humanity and we share in his Divinity. He shares in our mortality and we share in his immortality.

Because God the Son decided to become Jesus, you and I – and everyone we know and love – will live forever as children of the Father in the Divine Life of joy, peace, hope, and love.

Merry Christmas!


  1. This is the message of Christmas. God is with us (Immanuel) and we are with God. The Gospel is not about Jesus coming to die for our sins (usually preached in such away that we should feel like guilty dogs for being human). Rather, the Good News is that God and humanity are bound together in eternal union in the Godman, Jesus Christ, who has assumed our fallen humanity, put it to death on the cross, and presented it anew to the Father, so that WE NO LONGER STAND IN THE PLACE OF SINNERS BEFORE GOD. If that is not Good News, I don’t know what is. There is no “if” clause. Our job is to praise God and tell everybody else the Good News so they may escape the bondage of religion and live in the freedom that is already ours in Jesus. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks, Martin, well said! Merry Christmas!

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