Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | October 28, 2008

Humanity’s Problem

Here’s what I think are the two biggest problems humanity has:

1. We don’t know who we are in Christ. The Father created us to adopt us as his children and he accomplished that plan by the sending the Son to live in union with humanity and permanently recreate us as children of the Father in the anointing of the Spirit (Eph. 1:5). When you think about it, what could be worse than being liked, loved, and included forever in the life of the Father, Son, and Spirit and not knowing it?! So, we stumble on in our self-imposed darkness, refusing to believe what Jesus – the light of the world – tells us about our true identity.

2. We don’t treat others as our brothers and sisters in Christ. Since we don’t believe the truth about who we are as children of the Father we sure aren’t going to believe it about the rest of humanity! So we let them starve, go without medical care, die in wars, be victimized by crime, and generally tell them “get lost and leave me alone.” Jesus really called us out on this one! (See all four gospels, especially the sermon on the mount, etc.)

I believe that when we do believe the truth about humanity’s inclusion in the Triune Life through Jesus we ought to live out every decision based on this reality. From how we treat our neighbors, to how we vote, to the way we spend our money, we ought to always root our thinking in the fundamental truth that God the Father, Son, and Spirit has included humanity – and all creation – in his life (Col. 1:20).

That’s what I mean when I call this blog Neo-Reformation and say “the world is about to change . . . again.” I believe the world is going to be a much better and much different place when we really begin to believe the truth of how much we are all connected to the Father – and to each other – in Jesus.



  1. Good one, pastor! At the opposite end of the Christian spectrum is the idea that we personally have to effect our own salvation (“make a decision for Christ”) or else we are sunk, doomed – and in fact, most people that have ever lived have not made that “decision,” so they are suffering the torments of a fiery, punishing hell for their stubborness or their ignorance – right now! Christians in this mindset labor under intense guilt as thousands are “lost to the flames” every day. In this paradigm, the Gospel is reduced to the SAD declaration that you can be saved from this if you make that “decision” RIGHT NOW, in this life, or it’s game OVER. God, in this scenario, really must be pretty indifferent to the final outcome, as it is obvious that most that have ever lived or are alive today haven’t or won’t make that “decision.” And we are supposed to love and trust THAT God??? Where, for Heaven’s sake, is the GOOD NEWS in a Gospel that makes ME God!? The Gospel of God the Father adopting us because of HIS great love for us, by HIS own perogative and by His power alone, motivated by the personality revealed in Galatians 5:22-23, now THAT is a Gospel to preach from the mountaintops! Praise the Lord, AMEN!!!

  2. And we will live forever with Him!!! AMEN!!

  3. Thanks Jerome and Margaret you are both right on the money!

  4. Thanks Jonathan,
    Imagine what the world would be like today if the church had continued to proclaim AND LIVE the gospel as taught by Paul and described by you in your blog!! For a recent example – Northern Ireland would have been a completely different place for the past 150 year or so, never mind the multititudes of other events in which Christians have been willing participants!

    Praise God we can be a part of beginning that new reformation you are describing!

  5. I wonder if it is more the case that we are so self centered and self protecting that we don’t care who Christ is. We also don’t care about our relationships with him or anyone else because of a defense mechanism reaction to society. Thus we insulate ourselves from the only solution, which is Jesus and His expression of Himself through our fellow man.

  6. I agree, Glen, history would be radically different if the Church had stayed focused on the gospel. The Crusades would never have happened for one thing!

    I also think you’re right, Tim. Our natural, fallen tendency to hide in the bushes – like Adam and Eve – actually causes us to insulate ourselves from the very relationship that would heal us and our relationships with others.

    Thanks for the comments guys!

  7. Yes, Tim, in other words, FEAR, insecurities, doubt, fear of being no good, not worthy. The fear that comes from Satan…. So we build walls to protect ourselves.

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