Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | October 18, 2008

Gospel Clarity

How can we know that we’ve been clear in sharing the good news about Jesus? One way is by the questions our audience asks.

Consider Romans chapters 5-6. In chapter 5 Paul offers a clear presentation of the gospel: as Adam’s one sin brought death to humanity so Christ’s one act of righteousness brings life to humanity.

Then, in Romans 6:1, Paul asks this rhetorical question:

Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?

Clearly Paul anticipates one of the first objections his readers would have to the gospel: “It’s sounds like grace means we can do anything we want!”

Paul had become accustomed to having his audiences respond to his clear presentation of the gospel by wondering if it was a license to sin.

So, if we want to evaluate whether our gospel presentation has been clear, that is one test we can use: do our gospel presentations raise the question of whether we are saying that grace means we can do anything we want? If that question arises then we may be approaching the kind of clarity about the gospel that Paul had.



  1. I am not arguing against all humanity belonging to God; comment on how that is true while man is oblivious of his need and under condemnation at the same time. John said they search the scriptures….but would not come to Him that they may have life….Could you possibly tie this together.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. I think it is the nature of relationship that we can believe lies about others. Just as I can choose to believe the lie that I’m not married and my wife doesn’t love me, so also people can believe the lie that that they aren’t children of the Father in Jesus and he doesn’t love them.

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