Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | October 7, 2008

The Cry of our Hearts

We are crying out for the truth that we were already liked, loved, and accepted in Christ before we were ever born! (Eph. 1:4)

The Father created us to be his children and to glory in the love and unconditional acceptance he shows us in Jesus (Eph. 1:5). When we don’t know that he has adopted us our hearts cry out for him in desperation.

Remember these words from a popular worship song?

It is the cry of my heart to follow You
It is the cry of my heart to be close to You

Why do we sing these words? Because we were created to be close to the Father, Son, and Spirit – in fact, we were created to live right in the midst of their life. We sing these words because we don’t really believe that we are already close to God and he is already close to us in Jesus. In fact, he is in us and we are in him – that’s how close we are to him! (John 14:20)

Just today a friend shared an email with me from a young woman who is feeling isolated, alone, and uncared for. The good news of Jesus is that she is included in the life of the Father, Son, and Spirit – but her church family is neither telling her this good news nor showing it to her by the way they treat her.

Why is her church not answering the cry of her heart? Because they are crying too and don’t know the answer.

I’ve included again in today’s post the wonderful gospel picture that Steve Leaver made. The young boy on the Son’s lap is a picture of all humanity! (Rom. 5:18, Eph. 2:15, Col. 1:20) Is he alone? Is he lost and homeless? Is he spiritually orphaned and trying to get back to God? No! He is found and loved and at home in the joyous life of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

This is the gospel and there is no other. This is what we all need to hear every day, and every Sunday at church, and read about in every Christian publication. When we know ourselves to be this loved and included in God’s life then we will finally be able to stop crying and starting laughing. And we will finally, really be able to love others and help them see how they too are included in Jesus.

P.S. If you are interested in having a copy of this picture please contact me or Steve to arrange a usage fee. Steve is a professional artist and deserves our support as he uses his gift to share the gospel.



  1. Hi Jonathan and all,

    Recent posts have described believers, non-believers, church members and non church members. I would like to comment on that topic.

    For example: If all citizens of a community were bought a membership in a local country club by a local philanthropist (sp?), then all, technicnally speaking, would BE members of the club.

    However, only the ones who believed that the membership was purchased for them and actually came to the club would enjoy the pool, golf, meals, dances, tennis, etc. that the club offered.

    All others who did not believe they were members, yet actually were, would not be participating or active members since they would not come to the club.

    Further, those who did not KNOW that the membership was purchased for them would not participate in the club’s activities out of not knowing about the club or their membership in it.

    Members would not need to go around the club telling other attending members to “come to the club” since they would already be there, but their opportunity would be to go out to the rest of the community and inform those who did not know or those who would not believe it that they too were already included in the membership of the club by way of the one who bought their membership for them.

    So, All would be members but not all would be participating members. Does this make any sense? Too simple? Maybe, but I am a simple person.

    Love ya’ll,


  2. Thanks for the comment, Paul!

    I would tweak your analogy a little bit because I think everyone is participating to some extent – whenever we love our kids, or doing anything good, it’s because the only source of love and good – the Trinity – is sharing his life with us.

    So, I would say it’s like a country club where everyone is a member and everyone is blessed by their use of the facilities to some extent – some use the golf course and nothing else, others are in the restaurant all the time but never see the pool. Only those who who understand their membership are able to take full advantage of it, and even many of them aren’t as clear and excited about their membership as they could be!

    So, the Holy Spirit is constantly trying to convince everyone to believe more strongly in their identity as members of the club and to take full advantage of all the club has to offer, not just the little corner of it their parents showed them a long time ago.

  3. good point. Would not the members who were inside the club and fully participating in what all the club offers have some responsibility to inform those not inside the walls of the club that they too were included in full membership, i.e., witness to them that there is more to life than just living outside the club and experiencing a limited amount of opportunities? Is that a long sentence or what? 🙂

  4. Yes, I think that’s a good way to describe evangelism. We are letting people know what is already theirs and how it relates to what they already have and are already experiencing.

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