Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | August 11, 2008


We often think that what we need is information, when in fact we need repetition.

More than one person this past week (some of them going through very difficult suffering) told me “I need to hear it over and over again.” Even when we already know that we are all loved, liked, accepted, adopted, and included in the life of the Father, Son, and Spirit we need to be reminded of it on a constant basis.

Would you ever get tired of hearing your husband or wife tell you that they love you? Would you ever get tired of having your friends throw an arm over your shoulder and pray for you? Would you ever get bored with your kids running up to you and hugging you?

The only way these expressions of love and assurance would grow tiresome is if we didn’t believe they were true – if we thought, in some demented way, that our family and friends were only pretending to love us.

It’s the same with our Father in heaven. There is only one reason we would ever get tired or bored of hearing the assuring good news of how Jesus has included us in his life with the Father and Spirit: if we don’t think it’s true. And if we don’t think it’s true then we also need to hear it repeated again and again to help overcome our disbelief!

The Devil will be finding a million ways to repeat again and again his message that you don’t belong and you’re not good enough. He’ll use advertising, movies, other people, and even our brain chemistry against us.

The more we remind one another of the truth the more we experience the assurance for which our Father created us: the assurance that we are liked, loved, and adopted into the life of God the Father, Son, and Spirit.



  1. As one author wrote, “we need to preach the gospel to ourselves every day.” Indeed, the gospel proclamation is not just for non-believers–we all need constant reminding that God, in Christ, loves us, likes us, accepts us and includes us in his own love and life.

    I was giving a seminar recently on ministering to children and an elderly children’s minister (who is also a great grandmother), hearing more about the gospel of our inclusion, proclaimed, “I need to tell these children more that God loves them unconditionally.” Indeed.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ted, I like that quote “we need to preach the gospel to ourselves every day”!

  3. you are 100 percent right about that. we cant possibly hear that good news enough. thats why im always on your blog pastor tims blog and baxters blog. because i need to hear it often. if we take this as serious as eating, then we really would enjoy life so much more, and we wont hear those accusations by the devil so loudly, but failure to do so can result in unwanted mind viruses. so thankyou for feeding us with vitamins of the gospel it does a body very well.

  4. Their exists nothing in all of the cosmos that is greater than the expresion of love or recieving love.On the flip side nothing is more notourious than rejection.
    As a pastor if I do not express the love of God to his people,I have done them a disservice.We were created to apsorb love and to express love.This is the very nature of God.
    If I had to preach sermons that promoted rules ,regulations, and list of do and don’ts,I would resign.
    Nothing thrills me more than to tell God’s children that they are loved.That is the joy of living.

  5. Calvin and Rick: thanks for the great comments! I knew you guys were reading, thanks for throwing in your two cents!

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