Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | August 5, 2008

The Impact of Adoption

For our first year anniversary issue of The Adopted Life we asked our readers to send in testimonies about how the good news of humanity’s adoption into the Triune Life has impacted them. We ended up with nine pages of wonderful stories. (Click here to read them in the August issue).

I loved them all, but I’m especially a fan of brevity (it is the soul of wit), so I’ll quote this one from John Cartwright: Like I told a friend of mine: I don’t know what it is, really. I just feel so much better.

To know the truth of the gospel is to receive an assurance that makes us feel so much better than anything else we could know. The Father, Son, and Spirit love us AND like us, and they have included us in their life through the Son. The Father didn’t wait for our behavior or our belief, he simply made us his children through Jesus. We belong to him and nothing will ever change that.



  1. Congratulations on the first year of publishing “The Adopted Life.” I enjoy and benefit from reading each issue.

    Your publication adds significantly to our dialogue. And, in my view, this dialogue is invaluable in our continuing Spirit-directed journey to have our individual and collective minds conformed to the truth that is in Jesus.

  2. In the spirit of brevity: “AMEN!”

  3. Thanks Ted and Jerome for the encouragement!

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