Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | June 29, 2008

A Great Gospel Conference

I just got back today from four days at the WCG regional conference in Lexington, KY, and it was an exciting celebration of the gospel. Here’s a few quick highlights:

Joseph Tkach, president of WCG, talked about how humanity is never separated from the Father, Son, and Spirit because we live and move and have our being in the Son.

Dan Rogers did a great job summarizing the gospel, describing how the incarnation of the Son means the union of humanity with the Trinity.

In a workshop on the Trinity and team based leadership Ted Johnston said that he believes “the Holy Spirit is re-forming the Church to be more faithful to who Jesus is.”

I couldn’t agree with Ted more; it seems that everywhere we look in Christianity right now we see a new reformation and a re-awakening to the reality of how the gospel is the story of humanity in union with the Trinity in the person of Jesus.

On Friday and Saturday nights my friend Tim Brassell and I hung out in my room with a great crowd of readers of The Adopted Life, old friends, and fellow pastors. We sat up talking about the good news of our life with the Father, Son, and Spirit until 2:00 a.m. both nights!

I’m glad I was there, and that I was there with Tim and so many friends from my years in WCG, and most of all I’m glad I was there to hear the good news of who we all are in Jesus.



  1. Sounds great! My wife and I are looking forward to attending the WCG conference in Dallas in July. It IS exciting!

  2. Look forward to hearing your impressions when you get back from Dallas!

  3. […] My friend Jonathan has summarized the conference well on a recent blogpost which can be found here! I agree with him wholeheartedly on the term “exciting celebration of the Gospel”, and […]

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