Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | April 23, 2008

Something’s Up Part 2

The Holy Spirit is up to something big. Call it what you like, I’ve taken to calling it the neo-reformation. I know I said that Monday but as I hear more reports of this past weekend’s perichoresis conference I’m getting more excited.

Baxter’s description of the conference is exciting and inspiring. Check it out here. He’s also blogging about the great Trinitarian/gospel video available at – click here to read Baxter’s comments and click here to see the videos.


  1. Awesome! Exciting! Thanks for sharing your excitement. I’m looking forward to hearing Pastor Tim’s description of this latest conference! Do you get the feeling that more and more is coming together, that critical mass is around the corner? I’m especially looking forward to seeing the gospel work itself out in lives transformed by the truth!

  2. Yes, I do get the feeling that critical mass is just around the corner!

    I’ve been excited to see the lives of people in my churches beginning to be transformed by the truth. I’ve been preaching the gospel from the perspective of our adoption for about 18 months now and I am definitely beginning to see the impact that the assurance of the gospel brings to people.

    I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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