Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | April 21, 2008

Something’s Up

The Holy Spirit is up to something big. Call it what you like, I’ve taken to calling it the neo-reformation.

Paul Young (author of The Shack) and Baxter Kruger spoke at the perichoresis conference hosted by WCG this weekend in Richmond, VA. Tim Brassell tells me it was awesome, the best yet of all the conferences that Kruger has done for our WCG churches.

According to Tim, Paul Young has now sold hundreds of thousands of copies of The Shack and will likely reach one million sold soon.

It seems clear to me that the Holy Spirit is on a mission across denominational and cultural lines to call the Church back to the revelation of God in Jesus Christ. It is the revelation that God is loving relationship as Father, Son and Spirit, and that the Son has joined humanity to that Triune relationship through his incarnation.

This is the good news the apostles preached and the Church Fathers (and Mothers) died for. It is the good news that we all belong to the Father, and to each other, in the Son.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for opening our eyes in a fresh, new way to awesome good news of who we are in Christ.


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