Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | April 12, 2008

Cool T-Shirts

Here’s a simple way of expressing the gospel: “You are not lost – you are here in the center of a circle of relationship with the Father, Son and Spirit.”

And now you can proudly wear it on a cool t-shirt sure to spark a gospel conversation with anyone who sees you wearing it. is offering a t-shirt with an image of the Trinity and these words encircling the image. They also have a less bold one with the Trinity image in the top left corner and the words “You’re Included” underneath.

Click Here to Check out the T-Shirts

Some of my readers may question whether these t-shirts really represent the gospel, so here’s a couple of verses to think about:

Luke 19:10 The Son of Man came to seek and save that which was lost. Humanity was lost. The Son’s mission was to save humanity. Did the Son accomplish his mission? I say he did.

Romans 5:18 Adam’s sin brought condemnation for everyone and Christ’s act of righteousness brought righteousness and life for everyone. Apparently Paul also felt that the Son accomplished his mission.

People we meet on a day to day basis have a huge problem. The Son of God has included them in his relationship with the Father and the Spirit and they don’t know it! We all need to repent of believing the lie that we are excluded from the Trinity and believe the truth that we are included.

These t-shirts are clear and cool in telling the world the truly good news.


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