Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | April 8, 2008

Forever With Us Part 4

Our prayers don’t connect us to God; neither does our faith or our work. Jesus himself is the one and only connection between us and God. In 1 Timothy 2:5 Paul says:

   There is one connection between God and humanity: the human being Jesus Christ.

Jesus is our connection to God because he is, and will forever remain, human. That’s why Paul calls him “anthropos” (in the Greek.) He is man, he is human, and he is at the same time God.

Decades after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension Paul calls him human because the Son of God has united himself to our humanity and never left us. The Son of God is actively and eternally sharing with humanity the relationship he has with the Father and the Spirit.

Prayer and faith are the means by which we enjoy the connection that is already there but they don’t create the connection. The Son living forever with us as the man Jesus Christ has created that connection.

This is what the apostles taught and the church fathers believed but in our time the Son’s forever incarnation has been pushed to the back burner. Now we see the Spirit reforming the Church’s understanding and drawing us back to the reality that we are connected and included in God’s life through the Son.



  1. Great post, Pastor Jonathan! Wow! Isn’t reading the bible exciting AGAIN??? Our accomplished, ongoing connection to God is everywhere! Woo-hoo!

  2. Thanks, Jerome! It is amazing how the scripture opens up to us when we finally look at it through the lens of who Jesus is.

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