Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | March 20, 2008

Sing the Trinity

Karl Rahner once wrote: “We must be willing to admit that, should the doctrine of the Trinity have to be dropped as false, the major part of religious literature could well remain virtually unchanged.”

I read this quote on Monday over at Baxter Kruger’s blog and highly recommend you read his post “Who is God?”

Rahner is absolutely right, not only about Christian literature (devotionals, Sunday school material, church training, etc.) but also about Christian worship music.

How many songs do we have that really speak of humanity’s adoption and inclusion in the Triune Life through the incarnation of the Son? How many even speak of the Father, Son and Spirit? A few do, here and there, but the bulk of Christian literature and music is decidedly unitarian.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth sings and knowledge of the Triune Life is not really planted in our hearts!  (The Triune Life is in our hearts, through the Son’s connection to our humanity, but we are ignorant about it.)

Issues like this are why I have named this blog “neo-reformation”. It is my personal belief (unprovable of  course) that the Holy Spirit is starting a new reformation in Christianity, just as he has done before – for example, at Nicea in the 4th century, Cluny in the 10th century and at Wittenberg in 16th century.

I think the Holy Spirit is leading the Church to rediscover the vital necessity that we be immersed in Jesus’ revelation of God as Father, Son and Spirit and the teaching of the apostles that Jesus is our inclusion in that life.

The plan of God we celebrate this Easter season is the plan of the Father to adopt humanity in his Son through the Spirit (Eph. 1:5.) The Father’s passionate desire is to make us his own children. When the awesome vision of that reality springs to new life within the Church our songs – and our literature – will change forever.


  1. Thank you so much for this post, I am going to link it my blogpost today. I wrote earlier in the week about this same issue, and I think it is so important for us to note it.

  2. […] is more thoughts on the neglect of the Trinity in modern evangelical circles at […]

  3. Thanks for the link, coldfire, and the encouraging comments!

  4. Yes! It gladdens my heart to run across others who are on this same track. My life has been revolutionized since catching a glimpse of the Trinity. Keep writing. (And God bless Baxter Kruger!)

  5. Thanks, Don, glad to connect with you too! If you haven’t already you might also want to check out the site I do with fellow pastor Tim Brassell:

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