Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | February 22, 2008

The Plan of God Part 1

All my life I heard about “God’s plan of Salvation.” It was God’s plan to save me from sin. But why did the Father, Son and Holy Spirit create me in the first place?

We weren’t created so we could be saved from sin. We were saved from sin so that the purpose of our creation could be fulfilled.

The Father created us in the Son, by the Spirit, so that he could adopt us as his children and include us in the life of joy, freedom, and love that he shares with the Son and the Spirit.

The time has come for the Church to begin to speak to the world of God’s plan of Adoption, the reason for which he created us.

Listen to this one minute audio clip from Baxter Kruger’s series “The Big Picture,” Baxter summarizes the bible’s description of the Father’s plan. (To learn more about Baxter and his ministry go to

Click this link to hear how you are the child the Father always wanted.



  1. Well said Jonathan. And I think too that part of the problem we suffered was having a truncated view of salvation – seeing it as merely deliverance from the penalty of sin. Certainly it includes that, but seen from a relational/trinitarian persective, salvation is about sharing God’s life and love. That’s God’s plan of salvation – and it’s fully accomplished for us, to us and with us in Jesus via our adoption (inclusion) in his life and love.

    Now that’s salvation of the Jesus kind!

  2. I think it is J. I. Packer who said that if we don’t understand the doctrine of adoption, we don’t fully understand our Christianity.

    What a joy it is to not only be justified, but to also have access to our Father’s Kingdom, calling Him Father and His Son, brother.

  3. It’s amazing what can be said in one minute! I love to here Baxter lecture, simple and yet very profound. Jonathan thanks for sharing this, I love to hear you preach as well.

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys, and the positive feedback. The truth of humanity’s adoption is spreading!

  5. Your post and Baxter’s summary say it so well: created not just to be forgiven by God but to be loved by Him and share in His Triune life! By the way, we just had a WONDERFUL conference in Big Sandy with Baxter this weekend – we used the old Ambassador facilities and we were allowed to film and burn the conference sessions on DVD (thanks Rick Peterson!). We’ll get to see and hear it again. Had Ross Jutsum for praise and worship. A heartfelt, loving time full of the joy of the Father’s grace in Jesus by the Spirit!

  6. Thanks for the report on the conference in Big Sandy. I knew it was happening, and I was praying for you guys, it’s excited to hear that it went so well!

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