Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | February 12, 2008

Forever With Us Part 2

Here’s something I first wrote about back on 12/28/07 (See Forever With Us)

The Son of God lives forever in the flesh, now risen and glorified, he remains Emmanuel (”God with Us”) forever. This is our salvation and hope, that our humanity and human nature has been adopted into the life of the Triune God.

It is also part of what we are rediscovering in the Neo-Reformation. Somewhere along the line American Christianity lost sight of the importance of the forever union of God and humanity through the incarnation of the Son as Jesus Christ.

I recently came across the following passage in the writings of St. Ignatius of Antioch, ca. 107 A.D. It shows how this understanding of the Son’s permanent incarnation has been the understanding of the church from the earliest days:

For I know that after His resurrection also He was still possessed of flesh, and I believe that He is so now. When, for instance, He came to those who were with Peter, He said to them, “Lay hold, handle Me, and see that I am not an incorporeal spirit.” And immediately they touched Him, and believed, being convinced both by His flesh and spirit. For this cause also they despised death, and were found its conquerors. And after his resurrection He did eat and drink with them, as being possessed of flesh, although spiritually He was united to the Father.

Epistle to the Smyrneans, chapter 3


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