Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | January 31, 2008

Hopeful Signs

In his comment on my post Tues. (see “All”) Jerome makes a good point about all the signs of hope we have right now that point us to the reformation that is already taking place within the Church.

Even though we still see a Christian culture dominated by a “separation” theology, we also are seeing signs everywhere that the truth of the gospel is springing up in unexpected ways.

Jerome mentions the book The Shack, by William P. Young (which I highly recommend. Click here to read Baxter Kruger’s review of it.) He also mentions an essay recently published by a guy who left the parachurch ministry Young Life because he could no longer agree with their separation theology. (Click here to read the essay; this guy even talks about adoption!)

The Holy Spirit is at work in many places at once and there are lots of reasons for us to be hopeful about the coming years of Christianity in America. Who knows what may happen when thousands of ministries and churches finally start getting the gospel right!


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