Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | January 2, 2008

Unity and Distinction

Part of what the Holy Spirit is leading us to rediscover about the gospel is the importance of unity and distinction.

Our minds, educated in Greek philosophy, want unity or distinction. So, we think God either has to be one (unitarian) or three (tritheistic.) We can’t believe the revelation in Jesus that he is both one and three (trinity.)

Likewise, we can’t believe the good news that we are in union with him through the incarnate Son and that we never cease to be distinctly ourselves and that the Father, Son, and Spirit never cease to be distinctly themselves. We keep thinking that we are separated from him and he is separated from us, when in fact he is forever with us (see my post on 12/28/07).

The good news (gospel) of the incarnation is that humanity is in unity with the Son of God without us losing our distinctive selves. And since the Son is in unity and distinction with the Father and the Spirit, we share also in that relationship.

Unity and Distinction means that Jesus’ Father is our Father and we are anointed in his Spirit. We are united with and distinctly ourselves within the Triune Life of God!

That means we get to share in all that the Triune God is: everlasting, joyful, healthy, and whole.


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