Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | December 22, 2007

I Am Legend

Tim has a great post today about the gospel in the movie Ratatouille and how Jesus is the end of the false idea that there is a divide between the sacred and the secular. Click here to read his great post.

What we celebrate at Christmas is that the sacred life of the Divine Trinity has, through the Son’s incarnation, entered into creation, humanity and every aspect of our lives. Our sin and failure isn’t the result of God’s absence – God is with us, even in our deepest alienation. Our sin is the result of our failure to see and believe the good news that God is with us.

In a similar vein, you might want to see the Will Smith movie in theaters right now: I Am Legend. Besides Smith’s fantastic acting the movie is infused with the gospel. We are all participating in the Triune Life whether we know it or not (Acts 17:28.) Artists, like those who made this movie, are always trying to say something true about the world. Since Jesus is the only source of truth it means that when they succeed in telling the truth it will reflect the reality of Jesus in communion with his Father and with humanity.

To say anything more would be to give away the plot twists and excitement of the movie but I’ll say this: it’s no coincidence that this movie came out at Christmas.


  1. […] I Am Legend […]

  2. I saw “I Am Legend” today. Great movie it is full of the Gosple message!! Thanks for your review of this movie it inspired me to see it.

  3. Cool! Glad you liked it!

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