Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | December 18, 2007

Snow White

I took Emily to see Enchanted last night. It’s the latest Disney fairy tale movie. It was okay; it looked to me like Disney is trying to capitalize on Dreamworks’ success with the Shrek franchise by imitating their irreverent flipping of the fairy tale script. Of course they still live happily ever after, it’s just that now the damsel rescues the knight.

When Emily was a little younger her favorite was Snow White. We watched it over and over again. About the 50th time through it finally hit me: here is the gospel! Snow White (humanity) eats the forbidden fruit and dies  but the Prince (Jesus) kisses her and removes the curse of death. Then he takes her away to his castle in the sky.

If you’ve never seen the movie, or haven’t seen it in a long time, you should check it out sometime. The final scene of the Prince taking Snow White away shows a golden city in the clouds.

Will we all live happily ever after? The gospel answer is “yes!”


  1. Hey, Pastor Tim, I think you are right-on in seeing the gospel in Snow White! You remind me of the idea of John Eldridge’s excellent little book “Epic,” where Eldredge states that the reason we are drawn to many of these stories and fairy tales is that they speak to what our hearts really desire, even if our minds don’t comprehend it yet. He does a great job of desribing the Trinity in the book as well with a story from his childhood. I recommend it!

  2. Oops! Sorry Pastor JONATHAN!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, that sounds like a good one that I’ll be adding to my reading list.

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