Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | December 15, 2007


A few months back I put together a 5 minute presentation of the gospel. My idea was that I could burn it on CD and hand it out to visitors who come to my church. We have about 2-5 new visitors per month (not too bad for a church of 60) and some of them are perplexed by what they hear! They come expecting religion and get the gospel instead. So, I thought an audio explanation might help them.

I’d be interested in any comments or feedback you might give me. Is it helpful? Is it clear? Does it answer questions? Is it faithful to the gospel?

Click here to listen to it.



  1. Wonderfully put. Digestible truth. Great idea in welcoming first time visitors as well!

    Pastor Steve

  2. Excellent gospel message. Very glad you covered both aspects of the message…..people always want to know how hell fits into the picture. You might add a brief invitation to join you in bible study if interested in learning more.

    Pastor Don

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! An invitation to bible study is a good idea, thanks for the suggestion, Don.

  4. Well put – What a great idea!!

  5. Before listening to it, I tried to put my head back to when I just was learning about grace! (the old grace, before understanding adoption) When I listened I realized that the love of God I thought was so great and I just learned about was magnified so much greater. And it was easy for me to believe. Not just because I wanted to believe but because I knew now, the love of God was behind everything I’ve learned from the time I came into the church. So, to really answer you, depending on where a person is in this great dance our God has us in, I believe a new person would want to come back and learn some more.

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