Posted by: Jonathan Stepp | November 26, 2007

The Gospel

I used to think the gospel was something like this: Jesus came to pay the price for our sins and if we believe in him we can live with him forever.

Now I don’t usually call it the gospel, I call it the good news, and I think it goes like this: Jesus came to include us all in his relationship with his Dad, he put to death the sinful nature that blinds us, and sealed our adoption as children of the Father, in the Spirit, forever.

Still trying to make it succinct and easy to understand, but there it is. The good news is the good news of our adoption (Ephesians 1:1-5.)

As for versions of the gospel that focus on health, wealth, and “second baptisms” . . . don’t even get me started. Jesus is the end of religion, and that includes Christian religion. The good news (gospel) is that you and I are loved, liked, and included in the Trinity, and all the churchianity mumbo-jumbo in the world won’t add one more good thing to what is already good news.

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